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With the advancing age, there is a tremendous increase and change of technology in science and electronics. The company, popularly renowned with a brand name of “OM ENTERPRISES” is a leading company in the field of projectors. The company is the manufacturer, supplier, dealer and exporter of various types of projection screens; DLP Projectors, projector stand, white board and ceiling mount kit. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying various kinds of projector screens and their accessories.

Our motto is to supply high quality products with a construction of long term relationship with our customers. Our experts and technical staff has been a strong support in manufacturing high quality of projector screens. Our supply extends itself not only in various parts of NCR but also across the country.

With a strong motto we have been able to manufacture and supply a high quality of goods for our customer to buy a projector screen and other parts. We pioneer in the field of manufacturing and supply of various kinds of projection screen. We also manufacture remote operate ceiling kits and projector lifts as per the customer needs and satisfaction. As we are offering a wide collection of portable projection screens and aspiring to offer the finest possible screens to our customers, we also attempt to provide them with free advisory sessions and aid them in culling the right kind of screen as per their qualifications and intention of use.

In the present scenario we are the popular brand in the manufacturing and supply of projection screens, LCD projectors, projector lift, white board, VGA cable, wall mount and ceiling Mount kit. Our supply is to various big corporate houses, schools, colleges, academic institutions, and various companies in India. Our customers inspire us to become the leading Supplier of projection screens and other equipment’s. Our customer also helps us attract various other potential buyers to buy our projection screen.

If you do not want to buy a projection screen then projection screen rental are also available at an affordable cost with expertise services based on our commitments. You can locate us in various locations such as Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and others parts of NCR. If you are seriously looking for the best quality projector screens then look no further and let us help you. You can be rest assured of great returns on all the services offered by OM ENTERPRISES.


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