Projector Accessories
We provide Celing Mount Kit of high quality material for all types of projectors for fixing or mounting on wall. The high standard ceiling mount kit with exclusive features which will give you benefits at installation time in servicing and save the time on installation.
Projector Trolleys are mainly used for multimedia projectors. We have comprehensive range of trolleyes designed using high quality raw material available in various sizes and dimensions and folding features are also available in stand and trolley. Our main motto is to provide fully satisfaction of the customers need
Now a days Wall Mount is in demand in any stores. We provide two types of wall mount, projector wall mount means integrating a Projector into a room environment thereby freeing up floor space and enhancing the living space and TV wall mount are mainly used to attach TV for fixing on wall.
We provide a VGA cable made by high quality material and specially designed to provide the highest video quality possible through VGA. we can make you believe that our products are long lasting and can serve you with a long time and duration.
We provide a premium Quality Projector Lamp applicable for different types of projectors with many different sizes and high quality material. Projector Lamp is a very important part of projector so we also provide warrenty of it.
Projector Lift specially invented to hides your projector in the ceiling of your room and needs a minimum space of your room. We provide many types of projector lift according to the customer requirement and our main goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers.

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